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42 vs. 55-Inch TV: Consider Top 5 Factors Before Buying

The world is moving towards digitalization and the same goes for TVs. They are going to be smart day by day. The innovation allows the companies to produce large-size TVs such as 39″. 55″, 65″, and so on. Nonetheless, most people are confused about choosing a TV between 42″ and 55″. There are many reasons behind the confusion but we will focus on the solution here. So, if you buying a new TV of 55 inch, so you must have to take the 55 inch TV mounting service in Las Vegas. We have experienced experts have helps to mount your TV at your home.

If you are also muddled between the 42 and 55-inches TV, you are at the perfect spot. We will share some of the most important factors making your selection a breeze. So, let’s get deeper into the details!

Factors Before Buying A TV: 42-inch vs. 55-inch

The following described points will eliminate all your confusion about buying a 42-inch or 55-inch TV. The whole selection will be easier as the factors are pretty easy.

Ideal Viewing Distance From The TV

The first and most important factor is the consideration of ideal viewing distance. Start by considering this factor and you will not regret it in the end. Do you think it’s a challenging task? Don’t worry! It’s very easy to know the ideal viewing distance. It’s the distance between the TV and the person sitting on the bed or couch viewing it. Divide the inches of TV by 1.6 and you will get the ideal viewing distance.

Room Size and Layout

Before mounting your TV you must know the room size and layout. Inspect the whole space and check where is the suitable place to mount it on the wall. It also depends on the sitting arrangements for the viewers. If you have a bigger room or hall room, you can go with 55-inches TV without any problem. If not, buy 42-inches TV to prevent any viewing issues. Big tv in a small space will create different issues such as viewing angle etc. Therefore, choose the size according to the room size and layout.

Type of Room

Knowing the type of room is necessary like a family room, living room, media room, or bedroom. Different rooms are built for various purposes having different specifications. Commonly, bigger rooms are better for large-size TVs such as 42 and 55-inch. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy TV shows with family or gathering, the hall room is the best place for mounting the TV. Likewise, choose a bigger TV for hall rooms and 42-inch tv for small rooms.

Type of TV

If you have decided to upgrade your home, it’s time to consider the type of TV in your bedroom. There are several types of TV available in the market such as LED, OLED, QLED, and so on. They use different types of technologies and bring distinctive features. For a 55-inch tv, it’s better to go for QLED or OLED. On the other hand, you can go for an LED tv for 42-inch tv.

TV Resolution & Picture Quality.

Last but not least, considering the tv’s resolution and picture quality is important. Suppose you spend a lot on buying a tv but end up with a low-quality picture. Usually, big LEDs come in HD or UHD resolutions such as 2K, 4K, and so on. It’s always recommended to go for the highest resolution if you want to buy a 55-inch LED. Besides, don’t go down to HD resolution if you are buying a 42-inch LED.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are many things to consider for choosing between 42 or 55-inch LED TVs. However, the factors mentioned above are most important and help you make the best decision. Therefore, don’t skip even a single factor.