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Dry Wall Tv Mounting Service

Dry Wall TV Mounting Service In Las Vegas

Countless people who take on the project of mounting their TV on the dry wall later have to face the difficulties and hassle that come with it. Knowing what kind of TV wall bracket is needed or which wall plugs match which specific type of wall is crucial. A seemingly insignificant error can result in a wall filled with holes and a TV being broken to pieces on the floor. We hire the best team of professional for doing dry wall TV installation in Las Vegas. Booking with Level Up TV Mounting can save you from spending money on undue expenses and valuable time. Reach out to us today!

Determine The Type of Your Wall

To find out what type of wall you have pre-installation, you can simply test it at home. If your chosen wall casts a hollow sound when knocked on, it is presumably plaster, wood, or drywall. If there is a complete absence of an echo, your wall is likely to be concrete or brick.

Why Choose Our Dry Wall TV Mounting Service?

Most TV’s are designed to be mounted on dry wall and require studs for installation. Wall studs are made of vertical wood pieces that create a frame for a wall. Our team of experts have extensive experience working with dry wall which is somewhat breakable. They fix the studs in place to act as a solid anchor point, and execute the installation with efficiency.

Without the right tools and the correct training, the mounting of your TV on dry wall could result in more damage and bigger holes. So, if you are looking for a team specializing in dry wall TV mounting in las Vegas, who collaborates with you on every step, Level Up TV Mounting today!