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TV Mounting

Important Things To Consider Before Installing TV Mount

The TV has become slimmer, and manufacturers are developing innovative ways to mount them. The new methods help the TV acquire less space and provide convenience in watching. Suppose you want to install a TV mount in your bedroom; the tips will help you install it easily. The exact mounting position, comfortability, and hiding of the wiring are the most important aspects of getting an organized TV mount. In this case, you have to hire professional technicians that provide you with the best TV Mounting in Las Vegas.

Things To Consider Before Installing TV Mount

Furthermore, they are compact, space-saving, and also economical. Whether you are a beginner or not have experience in mounting the TV on drywall, you will get assistance from our tips. This short guide will address 5 fundamental considerations you must take care of before installing a TV mount. Let’s get deeper into the details!

1. Height of TV Mount on The Wall

This factor entirely depends on the size of the TV you want to mount. Also, the viewing angle or the height of the couch or bed. It means the eye level should match the center of the TV; that’s what is actually called the height of the TV mount.

Don’t buy a TV without examining the available space in your home or bedroom. Check what size would be suitable for your home. You can take a measuring tape in your hands and measure the size diagonally. Mark the size with an erasable pencil.

After that, sit on the couch and mark the height from the middle of the TV. Commonly, 42-inches is considered the standard height of a tv. However, you can adjust it according to your convenience by sitting on the sofa or bed.

Moreover, if you need separate settings for the sofa and bed, the tilting or angling option will help at that point. Or you can mount it on the corner of the room.

2. Mounting Location

It is one of the most important things to consider before mounting the TV. The most suitable location for mounting is in front of the sofa or bed. There are some points here you should take care of, such as direct exposure to sunlight. The sunlight will disturb you because of light reflection, and you will feel difficulty watching your favorite shows during the day.

Likewise, the window should be covered with curtains. Finally, check the power availability; the power outlet should be nearer to the TV mount so you can plug in easily.

3. Type & Strength of The Wall

Don’t just put the mount on the wall; make sure the wall is capable enough to bear the load. Don’t mount on the wall if there are gypsum partitions because of low strength. It’s always better to mount the tv on drywall with the help of screws. However, there are mounts and screws available according to the type of wall.

4. Keep Wiring Out of Sight

For an elegant look of the tv and mount, it’s necessary to keep the cables hidden. The most reliable way is to hide them with paintable conduits. For brick walls, it can be easily chipped to accommodate the wires and cover with a plaster and paint in the end. It’s the best way for the homeowners BestMixer. However, you can design a separate cabinet or many other options according to your budget. Just keep in mind that you have to hide the wiring. If you have some other devices to attach to the TV, such as DVD or Xbox, you can go for creating storage. You can use a tray of your desired design for storing remotes, CDs, and other essentials. Make sure it has some ventilation to emit the heat.


In conclusion, these are the essential points you should keep in mind before mounting the TV. These tips will save your precious time and will prevent you from any issues. Lastly, you can hire a professional technician if you are stuck somewhere. We hope you will find the tips helpful for TV mounting.